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Palestinians: US revives ties with a tight focus on helping people

Peace processes and grand declarations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were once expected of American presidents. Yet nearly three years after the Trump administration abruptly ended U.S. financial assistance to Palestinians, the Biden administration currently has more modest aims. With the paths to political progress currently closed, it is focusing on humanitarian goals. In its first […]

Iran to enrich uranium by 60% yet wants relief on sanctions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Iran will begin enriching uranium up to 60% purity after an attack on its Natanz nuclear facility, a negotiator said Tuesday, pushing its program to higher levels than ever before, though it still remains short of weapons-grade. The announcement marks a significant escalation after the sabotage that damaged centrifuges, suspected of […]

French political space slides rightward as Macron, Le Pen swap planks

As next year’s presidential elections in France approach, the two front-runners are trying on each other’s clothes.  Marine Le Pen, traditionally a candidate of the extreme right, is seeking more moderate voters by steering her party, the National Rally, toward the middle ground of French politics. More surprisingly, perhaps, President Emmanuel Macron is veering sharply […]

Central America forms alliance to bring US border under control

Washington The Biden administration has struck an agreement with Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala to temporarily surge security forces to their borders in an effort to reduce the tide of migration to the United States border. The agreement comes as the U.S. saw a record number of unaccompanied children attempting to cross the border in March, […]

Iran says Natanz nuclear facility was sabotaged. Was it Israel?

Dubai, United Arab Emriates Iran on Sunday described a blackout at its underground Natanz atomic facility an act of “nuclear terrorism,” raising regional tensions as world powers and Tehran continue to negotiate over its tattered nuclear deal. While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, suspicion fell immediately on Israel, where its media nearly uniformly […]

Eliseevsky grocery store closes its doors on 120 years of history

An iconic Moscow landmark is closing its doors this weekend, and local residents are indulging in some Soviet nostalgia. Although the Eliseevsky grocery store was internationally famous for its lavish baroque decoration – think gold leaf, marble columns, and crystal chandeliers – locals loved the shop during Soviet times because in a land of perpetual […]

Myanmar: As protests continue, a glimmer of greater unity

Since Myanmar’s military coup on Feb. 1, nationwide protests have erupted against the junta, prompting a brutal crackdown. More than 600 people have been killed in the crackdown and nearly 3,000 detained, including civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior officials. For the first time, experts say, military cruelty has been laid bare […]