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United Nations at 75: Indispensable or irrelevant?

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Siddharth Chatterjee owes his life to the United Nations. His Hindu father was a refugee from what is today Bangladesh. Young Siddharth grew up with the chaos of the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan as his history, but the security of U.N. assistance programs as […]

Bolivia cancels school year. Parents ask: What now?

Bolivia has been through the wringer over the past year, from contested elections and the flight of its ex-president to the arrival of COVID-19 and the challenges of online learning. But since early August, Bolivian parents are facing a new dilemma: no school, at all. Full stop. Only about 25% of the country’s households have […]

How Uganda’s Sikia Cafe affirms the deaf community

When customers first enter Sikia Cafe, in the lakeside town of Jinja, Uganda, they’ll first spot colorful ice cream flavors. And when it’s time to order, they’ll notice an infographic on their menus, teaching them how to sign for the items they’d like. The cafe is staffed by deaf waiters. But its founders, Shadia and […]

Belarus: Why Russian aid for Lukashenko doesn’t end crisis

Belarus has long been joined in a largely theoretical “union state” with Russia. The economic part of this linkage has enabled Alexander Lukashenko to maintain his grip as president of a quasi-Soviet paternalistic regime.  Now, beyond the storm of protests over alleged fraud in Mr. Lukashenko’s reelection, an economic crisis is brewing, and Russia is […]

Himalayan pullback: The tense history of India-China border

Late last week, India and China pledged to de-escalate the tensest standoff along their border in decades. Hand-to-hand fighting in June caused the first combat deaths along the border since 1975, and both countries accused each other of firing shots earlier this month. “The current situation in the border areas is not in the interest […]

How to Fix Facebook Comments Not Loading? – Step by Step

Facebook is a popular social media network, which attracts more than 2.45 billion users per month. Still, the application sometimes becomes buggy as many users have reported issues like “Facebook comments not loading”. We thought of researching the same and bring you some solutions to the above-stated issue. To be honest, it is quite irritating […]